Mixed-Flow Tower Grain Dryer

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■ Product details
►Equipment introduction:

Mixed-flow tower grain dryers absorbing the advantageous technique of foreign advanced models, are designed and manufactured based on our years of experience and local conditions. The machine is very adaptable to different grains and surroundings, which can be used for drying rice, soybean, wheat, sorghum, rapeseed, corn and oil crops. The rice drying machine uses clean hot air as heat medium, in other words, hot air drying. The heat source is a coal hot air furnace or oil hot air furnace .This drying machine can realize continuously drying operation and outdoor installation, which is suitable for the grain storages and grain and oil processing factories.


►Working principle:

Mixed-flow tower grain dryers make use of the clean hot air as heat medium to dry grain. The interior of dryers is composed of angular ventilation boxes, which is arranged in a staggered arrangement. The angular boxes are filled with grains flowing downward. The hot air enters the intake angular box through the grain layer, and passes through the grain layer from above to below. The exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust angular boxes. The hot air and grain flow concurrently and countercurrently with gran flow, which is also called mix flow. When the hot air passes through the grain layer, it has heat and moister transfer with gains:

Hot air will transfer heat to the grain, raising the temperature of gain. The contained water evaporates into the air and becomes waste gas. The dried grains flow downward to the balancing section. After passing through the balancing section, the grains reach the balance point of temperature and moisture interiorly and exteriorly, achieving the uniform moisture reduction. Then the grains enter the cooling section and get cooled to storage temperature. Eventually the dried materials will be discharged through outlet.


►Performance Features:

Used in the open air, proof of the wind and rain.

Mechanical continuous operation, stable performance, easy manipulation, reducing civil investment.

High adaptability, suitable to various grains. .

Waste heat recovery and utilization, reducing energy consumption.

Grains can be dried thoroughly and evenly, drying grain can be directly conveyed into the grain storage.

High-quality dried grans, no pollution.


■ Technical Data
Model LTG100 LTG150 LTG200 LTG250 LTG300 LTG400 LTG500
Capacity (t/d) 100 150 200 250 300 400 500
Moisture Reduction (%) 4~16
Heating Medium Clean hot air
Hot air temperature (℃) Corn, soybean<120, rice<65
Max grain temperature (℃) 55
Unevenness of Drying  (%) <2
Increment of broken rate (%) <0.5
Heat Consumption (kj/kgH2O) 5800
 Coal consumption (standard coal) (kg/h) 60~230 90~345 120~460 150~575 180~690 240~1000 300~1380
Loading capacity According to the environment, conditions, moisture reduction and configuration
Dryer Dimension(M) 4×3 4×3 5×3.2 5.5×3.2 5.5×4 5.5×4.5 6×6
Dryer Height(M) 6~10 8~15 13~17.5 14~18 14~19 15~20 16~22
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