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  The new type of forage dryer is mainly reflected in the heat source upgrade, with the purpose of low consumption, cleanness and low cost. The heat source can be steam, natural gas, coke oven gas, gas, biomass particles etc. The modified machine is suitable for all kinds of forage drying Dry, inexpensive, better quality of dried forage.


  The new type of forage dryer can be produced continuously for 24 hours, the equipment capacity is not limited, and the drying output is large. Generally, a single drying is about one ton to dozens of tons, which is suitable for large, medium and small-scale forage processing plants. The heat source technology is upgraded to quickly evaporate the forage water without discoloration, low nutrient loss, strong palatability, good absorption, increase the feed intake of poultry and livestock, and effectively promote the healthy growth of poultry and livestock.

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  The price of new pasture dryer

 There is no accurate quotation on the market for the price of a new type of forage dryer, and it is inevitable to be irresponsible to say how much the forage dryer is. There are many types of forage, different forage characteristics, production requirements, capacity and other equipment models and production lines. Different configurations have different prices, and different manufacturers have different technical strengths and marketing models, which will also cause price differences for forage dryers. Zhengzhou Dingli is directly supplied by the factory, and can design production plans one-to-one according to user capacity, field data, production requirements, investment budgets, etc., and provide detailed configuration lists and quotations, so that customers can more truly understand the cost-effectiveness.

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