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  Zhengzhou Dingli customized the dryer model based on the user-oriented principle, but in view of the growth rate of our production line orders and the number of equipment in the processing project, our company adjusted the processing productivity base of the small sweet potato dregs drying equipment, which means that it can be dried on the same day. For projects that dry more than 20 tons of wet sweet potato residue, our company will continue to customize production and supply, and household-type potato residue dryers will no longer accept orders.


  The daily production capacity of small sweet potato residue drying equipment is more than 20 tons, and there is no upper limit. Our company will not specifically limit specific parameters such as production line planning, equipment configuration standards, what heat source is used, and how many levels of systems the dust collector uses, but rather flexible technology Processing to meet the needs of different users in all dimensions. The technical maturity of the small sweet potato residue dryer equipment is unquestionable. Our company has nearly 20 years of dryer business cycle, more than 15 years of customized production of dryer equipment, production line construction, whether it is process or dryer Processing quality, production line installation and technical debugging are all guaranteed in place to ensure the operating profit margin of the sweet potato residue drying equipment. 

  Sweet potato residue dryer video

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