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  The purpose of feed drying is to remove excess water in feed ingredients to facilitate guarantee, transportation, storage, processing and use. Because there are many types of feed ingredients, what kind of feed drying is better? It also needs to be selected according to the specific characteristics of its raw materials. In order to better let users understand the feed drying equipment, this article provides you with a detailed explanation of the feed drying process.


  What kind of drying is better for feed

  At present, the common raw materials for feed drying are straw forages and dregs etc. The drying process selected according to the characteristics of different raw materials is different.

  Detailed explanation of drying equipment and process flow for straw forage feed

  Generally, three-layer single-layer drum dryers are commonly used in straw forage feed drying equipment. The process flow: the straw forage is firstly pulverized by the forage grinder, and the pulverized straw forage enters the tumble dryer for low-temperature rapid drying. During the drying process of straw forage, since the material is in full contact with the hot air, the moisture of the forage is quickly evaporated, and the drying process is very short, so the palatability of the straw forage is relatively better protected and will not affect the feed intake of livestock. With air-drying process, the tumble dryer has less nutritional damage to the forage and maintains a better taste.

  Detailed explanation of dregs feed dryer and process flow

  The dregs feed dryer adopts a three-layer tumble dryer, which is suitable for drying all kinds of slag materials with about 80% water, such as beer slag, alcohol slag, pomace, sauce slag, sugar residue, starch residue, and poultry. Livestock manure, slaughter scraps, wheat bran, etc., have good effects in opening up feed resources, reducing feeding costs, and reducing environmental pollution.

  Process flow of dregs feed dryer

  Slag materials generally have high moisture content. In order to reduce the overall cost, a dehydrator is used for squeezing and dehydration before drying. After dehydration, the slag materials enter the drum dryer for heat exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of heat transfer and quality improvement.

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