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  The steam rotary dryer can also be called a steam tube drum dryer, which can be used for rapid dehydration and drying of a variety of wet materials and wet slag, and slag is one of them. The use of steam rotary drying equipment can significantly reduce the cost of slag drying, and is also conducive to the reuse of waste resources in boiler plants, and promotes more reasonable and environmentally friendly production lines.

  The industrial tumble dryer has strong adaptability, simple operation and mature technology. The heat source of the steam rotary dryer comes from the waste heat of the steam, and the necessary technical treatment is carried out in the tube converter. The temperature and heat meet the requirements of moisture evaporation of the wet material, and the drying efficiency and drying capacity are guaranteed. Compared with the process in which the dryer, that is, the heat source comes from a hot blast stove, is similar in approach.

  Slag is also called molten slag. The melt that floats on the surface of liquid substances such as metals during the pyrometallurgical process is composed mainly of oxides (silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide), and often contains sulfides and contains a small amount of metal. If the moisture content is high, the moisture can be removed by the industrial dryer, and the steam rotary dryer is a very good choice. The heat can use the boiler steam waste heat, saving the fuel cost and fuel waste pollution treatment cost, and at the same time, reducing the exhaust gas dust removal The work load of the equipment extends its service life, thereby increasing the profit and benefit period.

Therefore, steam rotary dryer is suitable for slag drying, which has the same effect as other drying equipment but lower cost.


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