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  Tapioca starch residue can be used as feed material. Tapioca starch residue is made into feed material and needs to be dehydrated and dried for reprocessing. Where is the tapioca starch residue dehydration and drying equipment? Zhengzhou Dingli is a cassava residue dryer equipment manufacturer, which can provide a complete set of cassava starch residue dehydration and drying equipment. Customers in need can call +8615670626070 for consultation.

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  What is the process of dehydration and drying of cassava starch residue? The material with moisture content of 80-85% first passes through the cassava starch residue dehydrator, the moisture is removed to a certain extent, and then sent to the mixing drum dryer by the screw conveyor to achieve downstream drying. The material is continuously picked up under the slab and scattered in a spiral Moving forward, the built-in stirring blade device fully stirs and breaks the material, fully expands the heat exchange area between the material and the hot air, the material and the hot air fully exchange heat, and the water evaporates and vaporizes quickly to a certain degree. The drum drying process is completed. The conveyor discharges and enters the special crusher for semi-wet materials. The size of crushed materials is below the specified size and enters the pulse air drying process. The cassava starch residue is quickly reduced to the moisture required by the customer.

  The whole cassava starch residue dehydration drying processing equipment is one of Zhengzhou Dingli's main products currently. Currently Zhengzhou Dingli has built a number of tapioca starch residue dehydration and drying projects at home and abroad. More customers are welcome to come to the factory to discuss project cooperation.

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