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  Zhengzhou Dingli’s liquor lees dryer project in Liuzhou has officially started construction, and the main part of the assembly and infrastructure construction has been completed. The progress is smooth and the progress is gratifying.


  Our company is responsible for free installation and technical debugging. The installation of the Liuzhou liquor lees dryer is also a familiar road. The later production of the distiller’s grain dryer can be guaranteed by a safe and stable basic project.

  Liquor lees dryer is a mature product of our company, and it is also a machine with larger production and sales. The carrier is a tumble dryer. The structure and process of multi-layer plate rotary drying have high evaporation intensity, low heat loss and large production capacity. The footprint is small and the adaptability is strong. This machine is used in the new project of Liuzhou Baijiu Dryer.

  Liquor lees dryer customization and on-site inspection, please consult.

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