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  The production site of alfalfa dryers must meet the requirements of environmental assessment and daily output. The color, taste, nutritional value and daily output of dried forages must meet the production needs, but also meet the safety operation. The manufacturers of alfalfa dryers emphasize several key points. 

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  Alfalfa dryer is a mechanized operation mode of large-scale production. Compared with alfalfa drying, its daily content is greater, especially for large-scale alfalfa drying projects. The daily output is hundreds of tons. The moisture content of dried alfalfa is low. Water quantity, dried alfalfa must be stored reasonably and safely in order to achieve the quality and economic benefits of alfalfa drying and processing hay feed application.

  The following points must be paid attention to when drying alfalfa:

  First, fire prevention measures. Strict signs prohibiting fires should be set up in warehouses storing alfalfa, and people should also be prohibited from smoking and carrying things with fire hazards, because it is prone to burning.

  Second, dried alfalfa can not be stored in a dark and humid environment, because the dark and humid places are more prone to pests, and many bacteria and insects will breed, which has a great impact on the quality of alfalfa.

  Customized alfalfa grass dryer or a complete set of alfalfa grass crushing, drying, filling and other equipment are inexpensive, durable, high-yield, environmentally friendly and low-consumption.

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