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  The large-scale screw extrusion dehydrator is suitable for the dehydration of many high-humidity waste residues. The dehydration effect is good and relatively low. It is divided into single-shaft and double-cycle and three-cycle and multi-axis models. What is the effect of large-scale screw extrusion to remove the moisture of distillers grains? How much water is in the lees after dehydration?

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  The large-scale screw extrusion dehydrator can be designed with multi-axis parallel dehydration models, which largely guarantees the spiral extrusion dehydration effect and daily output. Therefore, it is not that the large-scale screw extrusion dehydrator with a daily output of more than 100 tons is too long. , The daily output of the multi-axis dehydrator is not limited.

  Large-scale screw extrusion dehydration using screw extrusion dehydrator is not very suitable. Rice distillers, corn distillers, wheat lees, etc. belong to fine grains, while large-scale spiral extrusion dehydrators are suitable for coarse grains and large particles such as beer lees, beet residue, and pasture. , Medicine residue, tea residue, etc. Therefore, the dehydration of liquor lees is mostly used in the belt type and self-disciplined. The dehydration effect is good and the solid recovery rate is high.

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