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  Alfalfa grass drying and processing grass pellet feed has high economic value, and it is also the main raw material for forage feed processing species in my country. Zhengzhou Dingli’s 15-year alfalfa grass drying equipment manufacturer wants to focus on exporting in foreign markets, dryer prices and related discounts will relax.

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  Alfalfa grass drying equipment  price

  Alfalfa grass drying equipment is usually equipped with crushers and balers to form a complete processing line for forage drying and storage. Drying alfalfa grass adopts a low-temperature hot-air drying process, and the alfalfa drying and dehydration process is completed in the saplings. Therefore, the loss of nutritional value of dried alfalfa is less than that of drying alfalfa, which is more powerful for alfalfa feed processing.

  Drying alfalfa has 15% water content, greatly prolonging the grass news cycle and simplifying storage. What does the dried alfalfa look like? Please refer to the actual shot pictures of our forage dryer production site:

  Color display of dried pasture products

  In Hebei and Inner Mongolia, both the amount of user consultation on alfalfa dryers and the actual planting area are outstanding. Therefore, Zhengzhou Dingli’s 15-year-old factory focuses on exporting alfalfa drying equipment in Hebei and Inner Mongolia. As price gains increase, relevant preferential benefits will increase accordingly. Please consult for more details.

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