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  It is not surprising that the dried bean dregs are added to feed. The processing of bean dregs, bean curd dregs and sweet potato dregs and other dregs mixed feed can effectively reduce feeding costs and promote the comprehensive utilization of solid waste residues in my country. The dried bean dregs have a white color and high taste and nutritional value. Further enhance the selling point of mixed feed.


  Bean dregs drying processing feed will be more extensive and routine at present and in the future, and it is also an important method for feed processing and enhancing price marketing. A bean dregs dryer is also suitable for dehydration and drying of bean curd dregs, sweet potato dregs, cassava dregs, potato dregs and other powder dregs to extend the shelf life. It is an increasingly important issue for soybean processing plants, yuba plants, feed plants and breeding plants. Models of drying machines.

  Compared with traditional rotary drum drying equipment, the bean dregs dryer has enhanced the technical design of crushing, drying temperature and drying area. The dried bean dregs will not paste, black, saccharify, high quality, and the color will be white. The dryer model is not limited. Our dryers can be customized for production of more than 20 tons per day.


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