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  With the development of sweet potato, potato, cassava and other processing industries, a large amount of potato residue needs to be resolved. However, the fresh potato residue has too high moisture content, is easy to spoil and deteriorate, and is inconvenient to transport and preserve. Its characteristics limit the development of the reuse of potato residue. The potato residue dryer can quickly dry the potato residue, and the dried potato residue is easy to transport and store, and the composition is relatively stable, which can realize the reuse of its resources. Regarding the application prospects of the device in its utilization industry chain, the following are some of the author's opinions.

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  The prospect of buying potato residue dryer

  Purchasing a potato residue dryer can bring economic benefits to enterprises for the following reasons:

  1. Wide sources of raw materials and low recycling cost: Sweet potato residue, potato residue, cassava residue, etc. are one of the common industrial residues in life, with large capacity, easy access to materials, and low recycling costs.

  2. The product has high economic value: the potato residue after being processed by the potato residue dryer can be processed into industrial feed, which reduces the cost of breeding, and has a large market demand and high economic value.

  3. Responding to the national call: potato residue drying treatment, effectively realizing the resource utilization, reduction, and recycling of potato residue, responding to the state's efforts to promote the refinement, standardization, and rational use of resources to avoid solid waste and hazardous waste disposal.

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