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  Biomass pellets are biomass materials such as wood chips, straws, rice husks, bark and other biomass materials that are processed in agriculture and forestry. After a series of processes such as crushing, drying, and molding, high-density pellet fuels are processed in factories to replace kerosene. Hot-selling smokeless and environmentally friendly fuel. As the main equipment for the production of biomass pellets, the biomass pellet production line has become a popular product and has attracted great attention from biomass fuel processing plants.

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  At present, there are many types of equipment in the common biomass pellet production line on the market. Each type of equipment has different equipment processing capacity, floor space, equipment weight, etc., and the scale of the enterprise adapted to it will also vary. Customers should pay attention to equipment selection . So what are the equipment models of the common biomass pellet production line? Are there any selection techniques? How much does it cost? The following will be introduced for everyone.

  Common models of biomass pellet production line equipment

  Biological pellet production line equipment is one of our best-selling products, with high output and uniform discharge. The following introduces the commonly used models of biomass pellet production line equipment.

  Selection skills of biomass pellet production line

  When selecting the equipment of the biomass pellet production line, you must have certain skills, and usually pay attention to the following points:

  1. When selecting the appropriate model and configuration of the biomass pellet production line, first determine a strong and comprehensive manufacturer, so that the selection range is wide, and the manufacturer has professionals to provide you with detailed selection and production line configuration  suggestions.

  2. Next, consider the nature and moisture of biomass raw materials (raw material moisture and finished product moisture), and also combine the requirements of the production line.

  3. In addition,it should be noted that when determining the equipment model, try to choose the processing capacity greater than the production requirements, so as to better meet the production output requirements.

  Biomass pellet production line equipment price

  The range of quotations for biomass pellet production line equipment on the market is almost between hundreds of thousands and millions. Because the production line is not composed of a single equipment, coupled with the influence of different models and specifications and manufacturers, it is impossible to directly provide users with detailed and accurate details. The suggestion here is to click on the free consultation or call the factory professionals.

  Zhengzhou Dingli's biomass pellet production equipment not only has complete equipment models, good quality, low price, and excellent service, but also the manufacturer will give you professional selection guidance, and cooperate with you to purchase the most suitable and good equipment, specific equipment details and For preferential quotation, you can click on the online consultation, welcome to inquiry and order equipment.

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