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  King bamboo grass is a kind of high-yield, high-quality mowing forage grass. After being dried, it can be processed into silage for feeding herbivorous livestock such as cattle and sheep, poultry, and fish to solve the problem of forage supply in all seasons. This article shows you the emperor bamboo grass processing process in detail through the video of the emperor bamboo grass dryer.
  King bamboo grass dryer video-India

  The emperor bamboo grass processing process: the fresh emperor bamboo grass is crushed by a grinder, and then transported to the drum dryer. Through full contact with low-temperature hot air, the emperor bamboo grass can quickly evaporate water to achieve the purpose of heat and mass transfer. The water content of King Bamboo grass is about 12% (adjustable), the grass has good color, little nutrient loss (negligible), and high market demand.
  Zhengzhou Dingli supplies pasture dryers, wet grass crushing and drying molding equipment, including pasture drying pelletizing production lines or briquetting equipment production lines, which are customized according to customer requirements.

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