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   Screw press dewatering machine also known as screw press dehydrator, screw extruder, has a wide range of applications and can be used for dehydration of large-particle materials such as distiller’s grains, vinegar lees, straw forage, fruit pomace, waste vegetable leaves, kitchen waste, household garbage, The overall structure design is perfect, scientific and reasonable processing methods and advanced operation methods meet the requirements of many users for equipment. What is the dehydration efficiency of the screw squeezer? This article introduces you in detail and shows you the operation video of the screw dehydrator.

  How is the dehydration efficiency of the screw squeezer

  The screw water squeezer is designed with the principle of superposition compression. The purpose of material and water separation is achieved through the cooperation of the feed box, screw shaft, screen, and tail cone. It can remove about 20 water and the solid content of the material after dehydration High, no water can be produced, can be directly packaged for export, or dry deep processing. Large capacity, stable operation, low cost, simple operation, there are single-shaft conventional and single-shaft extended type, dual-shaft conventional type and dual-axis extended type, the specific choice depends on customer capacity requirements.

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