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  A large amount of sugar residue is produced during the sugar production process in the sugar factory. How to deal with the sugar residue in the sugar factory? In fact, companies can use sugar dregs drying production line equipment to quickly dry and utilize sugar dregs and process sugar dregs and other materials into feeds.

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  Sugar dregs in sugar mills generally contain certain nutrients, which can be reprocessed into feed through drying and other reprocessing. Currently, it is also widely used in the feed industry. Zhengzhou Dingli currently handles sugar dregs according to customers in the market (beet sugar production Sugar residue drying equipment of various specifications and models has been introduced. Dingli sugar residue drying equipment can meet the production requirements of several tons to dozens of tons per hour. Demand, greater production capacity supports customization. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli has built high-quality drying projects for many customers. Customers in need can call Dingli sugar residue dryer equipment at +8615670626070.


  Zhengzhou Dingli sugar residue dryer equipment is a rotary drum drying equipment. The equipment uses high-temperature hot air drying. It can be equipped with heat source dust removal equipment according to the needs of different regions and provide project construction services. It is believed that Zhengzhou Dingli will work with more customers in the future. Build sugar residue drying project to promote the development of feed utilization of sugar residue.


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