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 A large amount of brewer’s lees is produced during the brewing process of beer every year. The brewer’s lees is rich in nutrients and can be used as feed processing. Therefore, many breweries purchase brewer’s lees dryer equipment for processing. What is the production line configuration? How much does it cost to buy a set?

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 Different breweries have different production lines due to different brewer's grain production. Zhengzhou Dingli's brewer's grain dryer equipment consists of dehydration equipment, feeding equipment, heating equipment, drying equipment, dust removal equipment, discharge equipment, and packaging. Equipment and other components. Zhengzhou Dingli beer lees dryer equipment has a daily processing capacity of dozens of tons and hundreds of tons of specifications. At present, according to the different production needs of customers, it has launched a variety of specifications and models, and different processing capacities require different capacity equipment configurations. At present, the environmental impact assessment of the project is becoming more and more strict. According to the environmental impact assessment of different regions, the heat source and dust removal configuration of the brewer's grain drying production line are also different. The specific brewer's grain dryer production line configuration still needs to be optimized according to the actual production situation of the customer.

 Zhengzhou Dingli beer lees dryer equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment for processing beer lees. The equipment applies the drying process independently developed by Dingli, with high drying efficiency. At present, how much does it cost to buy Dingli beer lees dryer equipment? Zhengzhou Dingli designs and manufactures equipment according to customer needs. The price of the equipment can be determined after selecting the model according to customer needs. So I want to know how much Dingli beer lees dryer can cost. Call +8615670626070 to provide Zhengzhou Dingli staff with the requirements, and Dingli staff will provide customers with equipment quotations as soon as possible.

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