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  The bran drying equipment is also the wheat bran drying machine, which can quickly remove the moisture in the wheat bran to 15%, which meets the moisture requirements of the feed factory, and the cost of drying one ton of wheat bran is relatively lower. The machine is the carrier, and it is divided into two processes: steam waste heat drying bran and high-temperature hot air drying. The cost of bran drying under different heat sources is different.

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  But what kind of bran drying equipment is better? According to the environmental protection requirements of the user's equipment location, the user can use specific conditions such as fuel and production demand to complete the heat source equipment of the bran dryer, and provide the bran drying cost and the price of the bran dryer.

  The price of the bran dryer is mainly affected by the model size and the equipment raw material market. Zhengzhou Dingli large-scale feed dryer manufacturer not only supplies bran drying equipment, but also supplies dryer equipment for feed materials such as distiller’s grains, bean dregs, sweet potato residues, corn husks, fermented soybean meal, pasture, etc. The specific materials and specific dryer structure And drying principle.

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