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  What equipment is needed to make okara into pellet feed? Okara dryer is a good choice. It can quickly dry the wet Okara to dry Okara with about 12% moisture, which is convenient for the processing of Okara pellets. How many taels of dried okara can be baked per pound of wet okara? This article introduces you in detail.

  Okara dryer is the main equipment for making Okara pellets. It adopts mechanical dehydration + drum drying method to quickly dry Okara with high efficiency and low cost. And how many taels of dried okara can be baked per pound of wet okara? It is generally determined by the moisture of the raw material and the moisture of the dry ingredients. If the original moisture content of the okara is 80% and the moisture content of the dry material is 12%, then there will be 2.2 taels of dried okara remaining after a pound of wet okara is dried. Of course, the above is the remaining amount of bean dregs drying in an ideal state, in fact, the amount of bean dregs left after drying is also affected by the equipment of the bean dregs dryer. If the selected bean dregs dryer is energy-efficient and efficient, it can not only increase the drying output of bean dregs, but also save the cost of bean dregs drying, which can be described as two birds with one stone.
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