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  The so-called corn stalk drying, crushing and packing machine is the corn stalk dryer manufacturer providing a complete set of straw processing equipment. This method saves more equipment purchase time and cost. At the same time, one company provides after-sales work with higher efficiency and more technical systems. Unity, this is also the insistence of Dingli straw drying equipment manufacturers for 15 years.



   With the development and improvement of the straw processing equipment supply chain, corn stalk dryer manufacturers have begun to supply complete sets, which facilitates unified production line technical control, more rigorous and accurate quality control, and improved production efficiency. Therefore, straw crushers, straw dryers, straw balers and other major processing machinery are often supplied in complete sets.

  In addition, the supporting equipment of the corn stalk dryer is adjusted according to the production process. The straw dryer mainly adopts high-temperature hot-air drying process. After the corn stalks are dried, the water content is 15%. The processing straw feed or the production of high-quality fuels, as well as the papermaking, have good quality, and the market price is increased.

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