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  Corn meal, corn germ meal or sprayed corn meal drying equipment are all feed dryers, and a corn meal drying equipment that is technically adjusted according to the physical characteristics of corn germ and other physical characteristics, and the loss of nutritional components of dried corn meal is small. How much is such a feed dryer?

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  How much is a feed dryer?
 Including the above-mentioned  corn meal dryer equipment, distiller's grains, bran, sauce residue, etc., and powder residue feed such as bean dregs, sweet potato residue, potato residue, etc., straw, alfalfa grass, elephant grass and other forage materials, fermented feed and silage Other feed drying equipment has its own technical characteristics, dryer structure and heat source treatment methods. The cost of such a feed dryer depends on the specific material type, production line supporting standards, model size and dryer structure and other related parameters.
  The corn meal dryer can range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, or even more. The model of the dryer is variable, and the specific price of the specific machine can be reflected in the technical solution provided to reflect its cost performance.

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