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  A large amount of powder residues such as sweet potato starch residue and cassava residue starch residue actually have a certain value for reuse. Because these powder residues have high water content, they are generally dehydrated before reprocessing. What kind of dehydration equipment is used to treat large amounts of powder residue? it is good? Zhengzhou Dingli is a large-scale dehydration drying equipment manufacturer. At present, according to market demand, Dingli powder slag dehydration equipment has been launched, which is suitable for cassava residue, sweet potato residue, potato residue and other powder residue materials. Today, the editor will introduce Dingli powder residue dehydration. The technological process of the equipment.


  The process flow of Dingli powder and slag dehydration equipment: the powder and slag are conveyed to the hopper of the dewatering machine through the conveyor, and spread evenly on the filter belt through the spiral distributor. The filter belt will scrape the height of the material layer with the operation of the equipment. Make the thickness of the material completely uniform; then the upper and lower two fully tensioned ring-shaped filter belts clamp the material layer. Driven by the driving roller, the pair of rollers in the dewatering zone are continuously squeezed for many times to remove a large amount of water. Press out. According to the characteristics of powder slag, the extrusion force is automatically adjusted to meet the customer's requirements on the moisture of powder slag.

  What kind of dewatering equipment is better for a large amount of powder slag? Zhengzhou Dingli powder slag dehydration equipment is designed and manufactured by Dingli technical team according to the current market demand. The equipment can quickly dehydrate a large amount of powder slag to the customer's demand. Customers call +8615670626070 for consultation.

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