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The great prospects for the reuse of corn stalks have attracted many novices. A considerable number of novices want to open a small corn stalk drying plant to test the water. The investment is small and the risk is relatively small. This requires small-scale use. Corn stalk dryer equipment, including 2 tons of corn stalk dryer per hour, has become a "good heart" for many investment users because of its moderate output and low price.

Corn stalk dryer equipment diagram


Corn stalk dryer is the main equipment for drying and reusing agricultural straws. After dozens of upgrades and optimizations, the manufacturing process is more mature, the performance is excellent, the equipment processing capacity is simple, the structure is simple, the installation and maintenance are very convenient, and the service life is Long, adjustable discharge moisture.

The complete set of corn stalk dryer equipment consists of heat source equipment, transportation, tumble dryer, dust collector, power distribution cabinet, crusher/kneading machine, granulator, baler, etc. The equipment can be increased or decreased according to user production requirements. High flexibility of production line configuration.

How much is the price of a 2 tons per hour corn stalk dryer

The corn stalk dryer is small in scale and small in output, and its price is relatively low. Because the price is affected by various factors such as equipment model and manufacturer, it is recommended to consult the equipment price to obtain a preferential quotation.

The 2 tons per hour corn stalk dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli is cost-effective, is sold directly by the factory, and the price is more affordable. The equipment is guaranteed for the whole year. The equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services are provided free of charge. Users can leave a message below to make an appointment to the factory. To visit the equipment, you can also arrange to visit the production site nearby.

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