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  A large amount of wet tofu residue is produced during the operation of the tofu processing plant. The moisture content of these wet tofu residue is too high and needs to be dehydrated. To dry the wet tofu residue from 80% to 12%, a special tofu residue dryer is required, which can process the tofu residue on a large scale and centrally, with short cycle and low cost. The dry tofu residue has high quality and long storage time.

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  Tofu residue dryers are divided into tofu residue drum dryers and tofu residue flash dryers according to the different uses of the finished dry materials. The dried tofu residues are used in the production of feed or cat litter to solve the reuse of tofu residue resources in the tofu factory. problem. The tofu residue dryer can not only dry the wet tofu residue from 80% to 12%, the moisture of the dried tofu residue can be adjusted freely according to the production requirements of different users, and the flexibility is high, and the dried tofu residue does not paste or black No saccharification, this is also the inevitable result of Zhengzhou Dingli's 20 years of dedicated high-humidity residue feed dehydration and drying technology.

  Dingli tofu residue dryer is customized and supplied to meet the production needs of different users. At present, many soybean products processing plants are put into use in Anhui, Jiangsu, etc., with good reputation and high market recognition.

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