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  Can the potato residues from the starch factory be compressed into pellets? A large amount of waste residues are generated during the production of potato starch. These waste residues can be made into pellet feed after dehydration-drying-granulation and other processes, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution caused by potato powder residue and potato powder residue dripping. Enterprises create secondary benefits. How does potato residue suppress pellet feed? The production video of potato flour dregs drying feed will help you understand.


  Production video of potato powder residue drying feed

  Most of the potato residues from starch plants are liquid and have a large moisture content, which is not conducive to storage, transportation or reprocessing. Therefore, the dehydration of potato residues is extremely important. The potato flour residue dryer is developed based on the characteristics of potato residue. It adopts mechanical dehydration + drum drying + air drying technology to solve the problems of traditional dryers such as gelatinization, uneven drying and wetness, and sticking of the potato residue. , The dried potato residue contains about 12% water content, which meets the water content standard for potato residue feed production. The dried potato residue is transported by a conveyor to a pellet machine for extrusion molding.

  Dingli potato powder residue drying pellet feed processing equipment is customized to meet the needs of large, medium and small-scale potato powder residue processing and production. In addition, it provides free equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services.

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