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  The working video of the forage dryer is more convincing than a thousand words. You can see the supporting facilities of the forage drying equipment, the production process of dried grass, and the color and particle size of the dried forage. At the same time, corn stalk drying can also be used as a reference. The shooting of the forage drying video at the scene is also a good verification and evaluation of the strength of the dryer.

pasture dryer.jpg

  Working video of forage dryer

  The pulverizer supporting the forage dryer can also be used for private chatting of corn stalk drying and processing, low-temperature hot air drying, and the nutrition loss of dried forage and straw is small. The grass is green and not dry. It is used for private chatting and mixing or separate granulation processing can.

  Zhengzhou Dingli forage dryer manufacturer provides forage drying videos from our user case site, customized various types of drying equipment, a forage dryer, inexpensive, free installation and debugging, reducing user troubles and speeding up pay back.

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