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  The alfalfa dryer is low-temperature drying. Which heat source equipment can be used to pass the EIA and the cost of drying one ton of alfalfa is lower? Biomass fuel and natural gas are currently the two main heating forms for alfalfa drying. Zhengzhou Dingli forage dryer manufacturers have multiple heat source forms, different dust collector configurations, and the drying process is environmentally friendly and clean, which simplifies project environmental assessment procedures.

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 The alfalfa dryer uses natural gas as a heat source, which meets my country's current environmental impact assessment requirements. It has sufficient heating and clean heating. Colleagues require that the configuration of the dust collector be reduced, and the dry two-stage dust collector is sufficient, and the exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly.

  The heat source of Zhengzhou Dingli alfalfa dryer manufacturers is diverse, such as biomass fuel, gas, oil, or traditional coal-fired hot blast stove etc. Depending on the user's own needs and the project's environmental assessment requirements. Dingli alfalfa dryer has a history of more than 10 years. The market includes domestic and foreign markets, and the reputation of user cases. The color and taste of dried alfalfa are suitable and the cost of processing alfalfa feed is low.

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