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  The drying equipment for drying fresh grass is also the grass dryer. The daily output is not limited and can be customized. It can dry more than 1 ton of fresh grass in one hour. The supporting grass baler and shredder can quickly process hay feed. Such grass How much is a dryer? The more direct factor influencing the cost of a grass dryer is the size of the equipment, that is, the dryer model. The larger the daily output, the more expensive the price of the grass dryer. Therefore, the user's daily output demand basically determines The price range of the dryer.


  Secondly, the configuration level of the grass dryer, such as the relevant supporting equipment, which machines and standards are equipped with shredders, balers, heat source equipment, dust collector systems, etc., directly affect the manufacturing cost. Therefore, different grass dryer production lines Matching, different dryer prices.

  Zhengzhou Dingli has been engaged in the research and development and production of feed dryer equipment for 16 years. The grass dryer is only one of many series. From technology to equipment processing quality and operating performance, Dingli grass dryer manufacturers are really providing users with Safe protection. There is a detailed list of how much grass dryers cost, which encourages users to evaluate and judge the price of dryers from a more rational and detailed perspective and level.

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