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  Brewery grain drying prodcution line is first divided into the processes of dehydration of brewery grain, drying of brewery grain, auxiliary materials of brewery grain, drying of brewery grain, granulation and filling, which have become the main method of brewery slag processing and an important cost reduction for feed factories Mode, how much is the price of a set of brewery grain drying machine?

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  The customized supply of complete sets of equipment for the Brewery grain drying machine, that is, the production without restrictions on the size of the model, is the basic mode of each brewery grain drying machiner manufacturer, which greatly reduces the user’s purchase cost, and colleagues guarantee the after-sales work The consistency of time and quality improves efficiency and reduces the cost of beer lees processing production line.

  The brewery grain drying production line mainly includes screw extrusion dehydrator, brewer's grain dehydrator (steam dryer, three-layer rotary drum dryer), brewer's grain granulator and filling machine, and auxiliary materials. Zhengzhou Dingli has mainly used Brewery grain drying machine, customized production of complete sets of equipment, 16 years of supply history and technology research and development accumulation, mature technology, and good user reputation. This is an indisputable fact. Please consult on site and customization.

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