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 In addition to the rapid dehydration and drying of beer yeast, the beer yeast dryer plant can also be used for yeast and yeast liquid. Drying brewer's yeast is mostly used for brewer's yeast processing feed. How much is a brewer's yeast dryer?


  Generally speaking, hundreds of thousands are more common. Our brewer’s yeast models range from over 0.5 tons per hour to no ceiling. The size of the model is as high as the price of the dryer. In addition to controlling the cost of beer yeast drying equipment, the operating cost is also important to increase the profit of beer yeast drying. Different heat source forms, dryer technical standards, dryer structure and beer yeast dryer configuration standards not only cause beer Yeast dryer prices are different, and their operating costs are different.

  How much is a beer yeast dryer plant? There is a detailed and specific quotation in the technical scheme tailored for users by our factory, and the production video of brewer's yeast drying is provided at the same time. Our user case, please consult the site for inspection.

  beer yeast dryer plant video

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