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  Berewer's spent grain are the main by-products in the production process of the winery. They contain a large amount of crude fiber and nutrients. They are high-quality raw materials for feed or fuel production. However, the fresh wine dregs have too high moisture content, which is not conducive to storage, transportation or reprocessing, and requires precipitation. Processing, how to dry berewer's spent grain? Optional berewer's spent grain dryer for mechanical treatment, large-scale processing of berewer's spent grain, solving the problem of high humidity.


  Berewer's spent grain dryer uses a rotary dryer as a carrier to dewater the berewer's spent grain through a series of dehydration-drying to achieve the purpose of quickly drying the berewer's spent grain. Zhengzhou Dingli has specialized in the production of berewer's spent grain dryer for 20 years, during which more than ten technical upgrades have been carried out. The application of the new technology will greatly improve the efficiency of berewer's spent grain drying, quickly process the berewer's spent grain, and the cycle period. Colleagues are equipped with a variety of heat source equipment according to the current environmental protection pressure. Improve the cleanliness of the heat source while reducing the energy consumption of the equipment, and at the same time, according to the different heating methods selected by the user, flexibly match the dust removal equipment to solve the environmental pressure.

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