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   As the temperature rises, many sweet potato starch factories choose to dry the sweet potato dregs for precipitation. How can the sweet potato dregs dry quickly? Is there a good way to dry sweet potato residue quickly?

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  How does the sweet potato dregs dry quickly? First, the site should be large and the drying layer should be thin, second, the temperature should be good, and third, it should be turned over, so as to achieve the purpose of quick drying of the sweet potato residue. However, the weather cannot be controlled during the drying process of the sweet potato residue, so the drying cycle of the sweet potato residue is controllable and low, the area is large, the drying cycle is uncertain, the labor cost is high, and the wet sweet potato residue cannot be processed in large quantities.

  The sweet potato residue is a good way to quickly dry the sweet potato residue. The sweet potato residue dryer can be used for mechanical treatment. The sweet potato residue can be quickly dried on a large scale. The moisture content is controllable, the cycle is short, and it is not affected by external factors. The operation is simple, the labor intensity is low, and the production capacity is not limited, and the hourly processing is more than 1 ton, which can meet the needs of sweet potato residue drying treatment of various scales.

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