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  There are two processes for hay extracting and processing hay feed, one is the sun-dried extracting process, and the other is the hay extracting dryer process, which is suitable for small-yield extracting processing and large-capacity extracting processing hay feed. The price of a straw-raising dryer does not need much money, it is durable, has a small footprint, and does not consume much power.

  The disadvantages of straw drying are mainly the loss of nutritional value and the change in taste during the drying process. Therefore, many forage processing plants have begun to pay attention to the use of straw drying machines. Drying the grass has a green color, and the taste is not good. Drying, and more importantly, the grass is fast hot air drying, the drying process is short, and the nutritional damage is small.

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  The straw drying machine manufacturer Zhengzhou Dingli has customized production for more than 10 years. The technology is mature. The forage drying equipment is exported abroad. The user feedback is good. The dryer manufacturer installs and debugs free of charge.

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