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 As the temperature rises, many users tend to treat pastures in the sun. Is the pasture silk dried well? Is there a faster way to drying pasture besides sun drying?

  Will the forage silk be dried?

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  For a small amount of pasture silk, it is possible to dry it afterwards, but the pasture has a large drying area, is highly affected by the weather, and the cycle is unstable, and the cell death damages the nutrients during the drying process more severely than the pasture drying. Therefore, In order to dry the forage silk with high quality and quickly, it needs a professional forage dryer to process it. The cycle is short, the nutrient loss is small, and the taste is good, which can increase animal feed intake.

  The forage dryer is a professional equipment for rapid drying of forage that is developed and produced for the characteristics of forage. It adopts a drum-type low-temperature drying process to quickly dry the wet forage to about 12 water. The dried forage has good color, short cycle and production capacity. Large, with daily processing capacity of more than 10 tons, it can run continuously for 8 hours or 24 hours, with low labor intensity, simple operation, low energy consumption and high cleanliness.

  Will the forage silk be dried? It still needs to be determined according to the production capacity and the quality of the finished product, but the rapid drying of large-scale forage requires a professional forage dryer, which has obvious economic benefits and a longer benefit cycle.

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