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   What can potato flour residue do? At present, the commonly used potato powder residue utilization method is to use potato residue dehydration drying equipment for mechanical drying treatment, deep processing into pellet feed for poultry and livestock breeding, improving its economic value and reducing breeding cost. In order to better let users understand the processing process of potato powder residue feed, this article shares the real case video of potato residue dehydration and drying pellet feed processing, hope it will be helpful to you.

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 Processing video of potato dregs dehydration and drying pellet feed

  The water content of fresh potato flour residue is generally about 80 water, which does not meet the water content standard of potato flour residue storage or reprocessing. Therefore, the potato flour residue needs to be dehydrated and dried before reuse. The process flow: After the wet potato residue is squeezed out by a belt dehydrator about 20 pieces of water, it is transported to the potato residue dryer by a conveyor, and fully contacted with hot air under the turning of the evenly distributed copy board in the cylinder. The water in the potato dregs evaporates and gasifies. The dried potato residue contains about 12 water, which meets the water content standard of potato residue for long-term storage or feed processing.

  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of a complete set of equipment for the dehydration and drying of potato flour residue and feed processing. The equipment configuration and model selection of potato flour residue drying production line are different, and the quotation will be different. It needs to be rationally selected according to customer production requirements and capacity, etc., and factory direct sales , The price of potato residue dryer is more favorable. Welcome to consult and visit on site.

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