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  The manufacturer specializing in the production of brewery spent grain dryer for alcohol plants has customized equipment, low cost for drying one ton of brewery spent grain, environmentally friendly and energy-saving drying process, good operability, and after-sales work is in place to stand out in the market and win a wide range of users. How much does Zhengzhou Dingli offer?

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Many users can dry the lees of the alcohol factory, especially in northern cities with high temperature and dryness in summer, where the cost of drying the brewery spent grain is lower. However, the area for the drying of brewery spent grain is large, the cycle is long, and the drying and wetness are very high. It is easy to be uneven and affect the taste. Therefore, brewery spent grain dryer of the alcohol plant is a better choice. The daily output ranges from 10 tons of wet slag per day to more than 100 tons of wet slag without capping. Customized supply, and brewery spent grain dryer manufacturer will carry out Tailor-made design, select the appropriate dryer heat source form, dust collector configuration standard, and dryer model, and install and debug the vinasse drying production line without the user's expense.

  Alcohol factory brewery spent grain dryer is divided into steam dryer and high temperature hot air drying drum, drying the brewery spent grain moisture about 15%. At the same time, brewery spent grain dryer manufacturer can support the pelletizer and filling machine to supply and install the brewery spent grain feed processing equipment. How much is  brewery spent grain dryer in an alcohol factory, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Different models, drying processes and ancillary equipment selections will have different prices for brewery spent grain dryer, but the constant is drying. The performance and cost-effectiveness of brewery spent grain dryer.

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