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 Brewery spent grain dryer also known as brewery spent grain dryer, mainly dries the brewery spent grain with a water content of about 60 to about 12 water, with uniform drying and wetness and high quality. Brewery spent grain dryer can be used as fuel or feed. , Used for livestock breeding. How much is brewery spent grain dryer? This article will learn more about it and provide the video and model parameters of the brewery spent grain dryer.

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  Video of brewery spent grain dryer

  Model Parameters of Brewery Spent Grain Dryer

Models Capacity(t/d) Evaporation Capacity(t/h) Moisture(%) Drying material moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Motor power(kw) Weight(kg) Area
DLSG1409 21.6 0.45 60±5% 12-15% (adjustable) 250±30℃ 34 15500 5m*15m
DLSG1615 40.0 0.85 45 19500 6m*22m
DLSG2010/3 62.5 1.35 78 25000 8m*18m
DLSG2210/3 70.5 1.44 85 27000 8m*18m
DLSG2510/3 83.5 1.76 110 35000 10m*18m
DLSG2512/3 108.0 2.10 125 38000 10m*20m
DLSG2912/3 120.0 2.50 135 43500 10m*22m

  There are many manufacturers of brewery spent grain dryer, and different manufacturers have different equipment models. Take Dingli's brewery spent grain dryer as an example. There is no limit to the capacity of the equipment. Professional technicians will design and plan the equipment for you according to your capacity. Model parameters. The following is the model parameter table of Dingli's hot-selling brewery spent grain dryer.

  How much does the brewery spent grain dryer cost?

   There is no accurate quotation for the price of brewery spent grain dryer in the market. Due to the different equipment models, production line configuration, material selection and production process, the equipment prices are different. In addition, there are many manufacturers of brewery spent grain dryer on the market. The sales channels are different, so there is a price difference problem. How much is the specific brewery spent grain dryer? You can click the quotation consultation at any time to learn more about the factory direct sales, price concessions, and a series of after-sales services such as equipment installation, commissioning, and operation guidance. Choose Dingli when you buy the machine.

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