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  Green grass is fresh alfalfa, giant fungus, Timothy grass, leaf-eating grass and other grass fodder. The mechanical equipment used to process hay for grass is the grass dryer. The low-temperature hot-air drying process can dry the grass in 1 hour1 Over tons, the hay is green in color, has good palatability, and can be stored for a long time.

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  The grass dryer adopts the low-temperature hot air drying process to preserve the characteristics of the fresh grass, not dry and bitter, and taste good, and the hot air rapid drying can protect the nutrients of the fresh grass to a greater extent, so that the fresh grass can be grown. Fast drying in batches can also have good forage quality and palatability.

  Grass dryers are widely used in the current forage planting. The supporting grass grinders and balers form fresh grass crushing, drying and packaging, completing the process of the grass processing hay production line, which is specifically installed and commissioned by the grass dryer manufacturer, and put into production fast.

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