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  The processing of pellet feed from brewery spent grain is a common way of recycling brewery spent grain. In order to help users understand the process flow and equipment composition of brewery spent grain processing pellet feed in more detail, this article briefly introduces the structure diagram of brewery spent grain processing pellet feed machine and the video of the brewery spent grain dryer. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  Structure diagram of brewery spent grain processing pellet feed machine

DDGS dryer.jpg

  The complete set of equipment for processing pellet feed of distiller's grains is composed of brewery spent grain dehydrator, heat source equipment, conveyor, feeder,DDGS dryer, feeder, pelletizer, baler, dust collector and power distribution cabinet etc. The process is as follows: after the liquid distiller’s lees is removed by a dehydrator about 20 pieces of water, it is transported from the feeder to the brewery spent grain dryer, and through full contact with hot air, the brewery spent grain are quickly evaporated and gasified to about 12 pieces of water , And then transported by the conveyor to the pelletizer for extrusion molding. The dried vinasse has good color, low nutrient loss, and high market economic benefits.

  Brewery spent grain dryer video

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