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  How about feeding stevia to sheep? Stevia is rich in trace elements and has comprehensive nutrients. Used to feed sheep can improve milk quality and trace elements in milk, promote digestion and absorption of sheep, speed up the growth of sheep, and improve the economic benefits of farms. However, fresh stevia has a large water content, which is not conducive to storage. It is often mechanically dehydrated through a stevia dryer to extend the storage time and ensure the supply and demand of stevia feed.

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  The stevia dryer is developed and produced according to the characteristics of stevia. It adopts a drum quick-drying process to quickly reduce the moisture of stevia to about 12 water, which is convenient for storage or reprocessing. The process flow: After the stevia is removed by a dehydrator, about 20 pieces of water are removed, and then transported by a screw conveyor to the tumble dryer. The uniformly distributed copy plate in the cylinder is turned over, fully contacting the hot air, and quickly evaporating and gasifying the water. , Realize heat and mass transfer of stevia. The dried stevia can be stored for a long time, sold abroad, or reprocessed into pellet feed.

  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of a complete set of equipment for processing stevia dehydration and drying feed, which can be customized on demand to meet the diversified production requirements of different customers. For more technical details, capacity and price of stevia drying feed processing equipment, please click on the online customer service or call +8615670626070, professional technical engineers will provide you online.

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