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  Recently, the yeast dryer produced by our company for customers in Portugal is undergoing trial assembly operation before shipment. It is determined that all indicators meet the design and use requirements, and then it is loaded and sent to the Portuguese yeast dryer construction site.


  Trial assembly operation diagram of Portuguese yeast dryer

  When the dryer is completed and offline, we will conduct trial assembly and operation of the equipment to facilitate high-quality, efficient, and time-saving installation and processing in the later stage, and secondly, look at the stability of the equipment and whether there are problems in the operation of the equipment. And to exclude, improve the drying machine equipment installation speed and test machine success rate.

  Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of yeast dryers, using indirect drying technology to process yeast on a large scale, with low moisture, good effect, low cost, high environmental protection effect, and the equipment is customized on demand, and the production capacity is not limited. Interested users can click on the online customer service or call +8615670626070 

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