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  The steam drying brewer grain spent uses steam as the heat source, which has a higher cleanliness. It adopts a tube-and-tube structure to quickly dry the high-humidity brewer grain spent to about 12 water. How to use steam to drying brewer grain spent, this article explains the process of steam brewer grain spent for you in detail, and shows the video of steam drying brewer grain spent.


  Steam drying brewer grain spent video

  After the steam brewer grain spent dryer uses the steam of the winery, power plant, and boiler factory for technical treatment, it exchanges heat with the wet brewer grain spent through the steam tube, evaporates and dries the water, and quickly realizes the dehydration and drying of the distiller's grain. The process flow: After the wet brewer grain spentare removed by the dehydrator, part of the water is transported to the tumble dryer through the conveyor, and the high temperature heat generated by the steam is fully contacted for heat transfer, and the material is dehydrated under the condition of indirect drying. The whole drying process is safe and reliable, with high cleanliness and good drying effect.

  Steam drying brewer grain spent can not only process distillers grains with high quality and efficiency, but also make full use of waste steam resources, reduce the cost of heat source for distillers grain drying, and improve the rate of return of DDGS projects.

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