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  Tofu residue dehydration machine drying is the main equipment for recycling and green recycling of waste residues in tofu factories. The tofu residue after dehydration and drying can be used for feed or cat litter production, which has a large market demand and high value. What are the environmental protection configurations of the tofu residue dehydrator? This article introduces you in detail and shows the video of tofu residue drying and drying

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  Tofu residue dehydrator drying environmental protection configuration

  The main pollution source of the tofu residue dehydrator drying is from dust pollution. Dingli's tofu residue dehydrator drying equipment starts from the equipment structure, heat source system and dust removal system, strengthens the overall sealing of the equipment, improves the heat utilization rate and reduces dust spillage. In terms of heat source, The traditional single coal-fired heat supply provides diversified heat supply for natural gas, steam, coke oven gas, gas, biomass etc. With stable heating, high cleanliness, and full heat utilization; it is also equipped with a multi-stage dust removal system (belt dust collector) , Cyclone dust collector, wet dust collector) etc., incremental dust collection, meeting the environmental assessment standards of various regions.

  Tofu residue dehydrator drying equipment video

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