The Use Of Bean Dregs Drying And Drying Process

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 Use of soybean dregs after drying

Soybean dregs are used for many purposes after drying, and at present, the more commonly used and stable supply and demand is the drying and reprocessing of soybean dregs into feed or cat litter. Although bean dregs are leftovers of bean curd, soy milk and other soybean products, they are rich in nutritionand good raw materials for protein feed. With the increase of cat lovers, dried bean dreg for cat litter is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and the bean curd dreg for cat litter is good in water absorption, deodorization, coagulability and water solubility. Dirty cat litter can be directly poured into the toilet, easy toclean, safe and environmental protection, so the market demand is increasing.

Soybean dregs drying process

To quickly dry the bean dregs, special bean dregs dehydration drying equipment is used. Through dehydration-drying processes, the moisture of the bean dregs can be quickly dried to about 12 water, which is convenient for storage or processing of feed and cat litter. The process: the wet bean dregs are removedby a dehydrator to remove about 20 water, and then transported to the tumble dryer by a conveyor. By fully contacting with hot air, the purpose of drying the bean dregs is quickly achieved. The built-in vibration dispersing device ensures that the finished bean dregs are evenly dried and wet, and the color is good.

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