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 The Guangxi kitchen waste treatment equipment project undertaken by Zhengzhou Dingli has been successfully put into production. The kitchen waste treatment equipment is running smoothly and is highly recognized by customers.

 The food waste treatment production line independently developed and produced by our company is composed of automatic feeding system, automatic sorting system, solid-liquid separation system, oil-water separation system, odor collection and purification system, PLC automatic control system, etc. It has technical advantages such as high degree of intelligence, energy saving, environmental protection, small footprint, and low investment. It also supports customization, and can also tailor-made exclusive processing solutions to adapt to customers with different production capabilities. The processed food waste is used as feed for animal husbandry and fertilizer for crops.

Our company will continue to pay attention to the progress of the project, respond to customer needs as soon as possible, and continue to provide follow-up services.

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