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 Liaoning customers purchased our company's large-scale bean dregs dryer equipment and successfully installed and debugged. After trial operation, all parameters and indicators are in line with the expected production requirements, and it has been officially put into operation.

 Soybean dreg is a by-product in the process of producing soy milk or tofu. It is a material with high water content and oiliness. Advantages after treatment: The moisture content of fresh bean dregs is about 80%-85%%, and its nutrient content is high, especially in the hot summer when the temperature is high, it is easy to spoil and mold. The new bean dregs dryer uses clean hot air to clean the hot air stove for heating, and the multi-stage dust collector purifies the exhaust gas. The drying process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Dried bean dregs contains three times more crude protein than rough rice.After drying, it is suitable for feeding pigs, chickens, ducks, etc., and improves its economic value.

Zhengzhou Dingli bean dregs dryer can be customized according to customer needs. Professional technical engineers will design and select equipment for you one-to-one. On the basis of ensuring the quality of bean dregs drying output, you can reduce your production costs.

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