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Kitchen waste mainly includes catering industry waste, food industry waste, etc., mainly starch, food fiber, animal fat and other substances, which have high reusable value. Recently, a user asked: "Can kitchen waste be used as pig feed? How to deal with it," this article will introduce you in detail 

 Can kitchen waste be used as feed? The answer is yes, but it cannot be directly fed to pigs. It needs to undergo biological transformation. For example, the current transformation through black water horsefly, the food waste undergoes sorting-solid-liquid separation-crushing, pulping and other processes, and the processed food waste It is transported to the breeding area through a pump tube and fed with black water fly larvae. After being fed for a week, the black water fly larvae can be further processed and utilized. Fresh insects can be directly used in aquaculture, and dry insects can be used to make protein feed. 

After the kitchen waste is treated, it will be fed to the black horsefly, and then converted into high-protein feed, which has high benefits. Zhengzhou Dingli customizes a complete set of equipment for the production of kitchen waste and feed, which can improve equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance and other services for free.

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