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The starch residue dryer is widely used for drying starch residues such as potato residue, sweet potato residue, cassava residue, and cassava residue.

Starch residue is a by-product of potato, sweet potato, cassava and other agricultural products in the production of starch, with a water content of about 80%, high water content and high viscosity. Dingli brand starch residue dryer is developed according to the characteristics of raw materials such as cassava and potato residue. After the production experience of multiple dryers, it can dry all kinds of potato residues below 12% at one time. The equipment used by the company adopts the special Chinese patented technology of "mechanical dehydration + drum drying + pulse air drying", which effectively solves the problem that traditional dryers cannot dry cassava and potato slag. The drying material has perfect color and good quality. The production line is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Safe and stable, well received by new and old customers. After being dried, the starch residue can be used as feed for animal husbandry to increase economic value.

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