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Tofu cat litter is made of wet bean dreg, which is non-toxic and free from impurities after treatment. With its excellent quality, moderate price and harmless type, it is selected by more users. The moisture content of wet soybean dreg is about 80%, which does not meet the water content standard of cat litter processing. It is necessary to use soybean dreg dryer for dehydration treatment to meet the requirements of tofu cat litter raw material.

The following is the introduction of bean dregs flash dryer

Soybean dreg flash dryer has the advantages of small occupation area, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency and continuous mass production. The drying main machine is equipped with a rotary cutting device, the drying material through shearing, rotation, collision, friction and other actions, the bean dreg is crushed and refined, highly dispersed, to achieve the effect of efficient and rapid evaporation of water. The dryer is equipped with air filter, in order to achieve the cleanliness of hot air, to provide production conditions for the sanitary requirements of soybean dregs. The machine is equipped with cyclone separation and receiving. In addition, the dust collection of cloth bag is added to improve the material recovery. Improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Dryers can be customized according to user needs, if you need, please consult us.

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