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How to drying sorghum straw, in addition to traditional straw drying, mechanical operations require sorghum straw dryer equipment, drum drying structure, supporting sorghum straw crusher and baler, forming a sorghum straw crushing, drying and bundling integrated machine. The manufacturer installs and debugs free of charge, see the pictures of the sorghum straw dryer site for details.

How to quickly dry sorghum straw, there is no doubt that the minimum output of sorghum straw dryers is 10 tons per day, and the top is not capped. There are many types of straw dryers according to the large production needs of users. A sorghum straw dryer is usually hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, which is not too high. The three-layer drum dryer has a large processing capacity and a small floor area.

The sorghum straw dryer is a mature product. The sorghum straw crushing, drying, packaging or bundling production line has been affirmed by users. my country is a large agricultural country. The production capacity and recycling capacity of straws continue to develop. Dryers have a larger demand market. Therefore, the quotation of Dingli sorghum straw dryer equipment manufacturers is based on long-term development, focusing on environmental protection and energy-saving technologies. The new straw drying project currently on the line adopts this technology system. 

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